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Because Privacy & Simplicity Matter

Fimfam was created for active families and their friends. Get your free "Home" space and experience how mobile families are staying connected.

Features include:

• Private messaging

• Private notifications

• Private calendaring

• Private photos

• Private activity tracking



The Private Family App

Fimfam is 100% optimized for communications, collaboration and content sharing among families and their friends.

For free, Fimfam provides users their own private "Home Space" and the ability to invite an unlimited number of guests to them. And for less than the cost of a handcrafted Starbucks beverage, subscribers can setup additional spaces for their whole family.


What Might I Use Fimfam For?

Fimfam spaces are great for supporting activies around:

• Your immediate family

• Your extended family

• Kids clubs, teams and sports

• Family reunions and trips

• Family projects


Facebook or Linked In?

The big social media sites do what they do very well. And that's communicate broadly with the world. They’re not good when greater privacy and control are needed. Which is what families need.

They change their rules, sell profile data, and have become so complex to use you’re never quite certain where your information might end up.


Download The Mobile App

Your family spaces are all accessible from the mobile app and this website.

• Messages
• Notifications
• Calendar events
• To do lists
• Photos


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